Original 1 of 1 Sketches

Original pencil or marker / ink sketches can be requested by emailing me directly (chrissembower@gmail.com). 

These illustrations are typically somewhere around 19x12", though I can produce one up to 24x19" easily. 

I am sketching more often these days, but the finished pieces don't always hit the store, they're claimed before I finish. This will offer you an alternative.

Some things to know:

  • Illustrations are hand-drawn by me, not prints. Only one copy will exist unless specifically stated.
  • Illustrations start at $120 for a 19x12" sketch, signed by me. Anything over that size, or something with lots of complexity will have to be quoted individually.
  • Subject matter can be chosen by you, or you can point me in a direction and let me do my thing.
  • Sketches are sold either by themselves, or framed for an additional cost that would be quoted individually. I offer a good deal on custom preservation-grade framing, or you can arrange a specific size at the start of the commission to fit a different framing option easily.
  • After your initial email, we'll chat about what you're looking for. Once we settle on a plan I will email you an invoice to pay the full amount (expect a small amount for shipping as well). Once paid, you will secure your place in line.
  • Typically, you can expect 2-3 weeks turnaround time once you get in my queue, though that is dependent on how many people are in line, and what I've got going on any given week.