Christmas 2019 Contest

This holiday season I am doing a joint promotion with ARC Auto Store. I will be raffling off a giant 60" canvas print of my "SHOWTIME" print featuring Pat Mahomes' awesome left handed pass in the Denver game of '18, and they will be raffling off a car to family in need!

The details on my end are pretty simple: every print purchased counts as a raffle ticket towards the large canvas that will be raffled off on Christmas Eve 2019.

My selection of prints that count as raffle tickets can be found here.

There are other ways to enter through ARC Auto Store as well. Here is a complete rundown 

  • $5 donation - 1 ticket (donations go to the family in need)
  • $10 donation - 3 tickets (donations go to the family in need)
  • Purchasing a piece of artwork from my store - 1 ticket
  • Referrals for service work completed at ARC Auto Store - 5 tickets
  • Purchasing $200 or under of Service on your vehicle at ARC Auto Store - 5 tickets
  • Purchasing over $200 of Service on your vehicle at ARC Auto Store - 10 tickets
  • Referrals that lead to the sale of a vehicle at ARC Auto Store - 10 tickets
  • Purchasing a vehicle at ARC Auto Store - 30 tickets

Complete contest details:

Recipients of both the Painting and the Car must live within the greater Kansas City Metro area. The recipient of the painting CANNOT be the same as the recipient of the car. One raffle ticket will have an entry to win the painting and an entry to nominate a family for the car. When drawing the winner TWO tickets will be drawn (one for each prize).

The painting and the car will both be delivered to the winners. The nominated winner of the car, qualifying as a “family in need” to receive the donation is only qualified at the discretion of ARC Auto Store to ensure it is a family in need receiving the donation. For participants who refer someone with the intention of receiving raffle tickets, it is the responsibility of the person purchasing either service on their car or a vehicle to give us your name and contact information so you can properly receive your raffle tickets. Receiving raffle tickets through referrals is based upon a purchase being made at ARC Auto Store, referrals that do not lead to sales of any kind do not receive raffle tickets. All cash donations received for raffle tickets will be donated to the family in need. Raffle entries are only provided on valid purchases (referenced in the “how do I get raffle tickets section”) at ARC Auto Store and 21G Art With Soul between the dates of 11/25/2019 and 12/24/2019.

The drawing will take place on Christmas Eve and the car will be delivered on Christmas day. The winner of the car is required to finish all the paperwork required by Missouri state law before taking ownership of the vehicle being donated.